Monday, January 10, 2011

High Hopes 100th Challenge Blog Hop

Nope, no time to get a card done and so many missed challenges but I keep trying to pop in to see how everyone is doing and leave a little sugar.  My hubby has been pretty sick so for the last 4 days and nights there has been very little sleep and I haven't been able to leave him alone long enough to get anything done. He wants me in the same room with him all the time, so I'm accommodating.  We made a mad dash to the doctor's this morning as he was delirious and I was afraid he had pneumonia. He was really out of it and I got scared. Still not sure he doesn't and if not better with the meds we go again Wednesday.  Thank God he's been asleep since about 9:30 and I've gotten some computer time.  Now if he will just stay in bed all night and sleep it will be a blessing from above.

That's it from me for the night, going to hit the sack and try and catch up on a little sleep.  Don't forget to hop on over to High Hopes for the hop, challenges, and prizes.  "Hugs" Carol


Rach said...

Thinking of you both honey,
hope that things improve for you both..xxxx

craftieodmae said...

Praying for ya hon, hang in there.

The Other Patti Sue said...

Blessings to you and DH. Praying is gets better soon!

Stef H said...

oh i hear ya. i keep uploading to the new store and it's sooooooooo slow probably because of the snow we have and now i have to think about going into my room to play. sheesh. sure glad you like the new store. it's not officially opened yet because i'm still working on it and THEN have to decided if i want it or not. i put myself under such stress - i should be 90 lbs! lol

hugs :)

Rufus said...

Hope that hubby is doing better and that you can get some sleep!