Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Update, Thank You, & BFB Award for YOU

Think I've finally gotten around to visiting everyone that left a comment on my last 3 posts so if I missed you I sincerely apology.

The doctor visit yesterday went okay and I've decided to go ahead with the right eye on Monday. Actually, the procedure is really no big deal once you get the first one done, it's all the frustration afterwards......lol  I do have floaters in my left eye that will probably never go away and is caused from some of the gel being pulled away from the retina but does not affect the retina.  This also happens to a lot of people that never have cataract surgery as they age.  I'll adjust!  The lens they put in is not strong enough and unless they change out the lens I'll still have to wear glasses.  NOT going there......lol

All the blurriness, headaches, twitching, and being worn out are from my right eye carrying all the load of sight.  Once the right eye is done and I get new glasses everything will be fine.  Well, that's about 3-4 weeks off before I get the glasses. Not sure how much creating and posting I'm going to be doing for awhile but there will be some.  At least I think I can get some cheap magnifying glasses to use until my glasses will be ready, at least I hope so.

Well, that's all about the eyes and onto something much more exciting and memorable. My very dear friend Olga has given me this award and I want to share it will all of you. Thank you Olga!!!

I consider each and everyone one of you my best blogging friends so I hope you will grab this image, put it on your blog with a link to where you got it and share with all of your blogging friends.  After all, what in the world would we do without each other and the inspiration and kindness that is shared through crafting and blogging.  We not only share our love of crafting but our lives, special moments, and stories with each other.  So if you are here please grab it and know that it given with lots of love and sincerity.
"Hugs" Carol


Rufus said...

I've had friends who had the cataract surgery and then some time later said it was like looking through wrinkled plastic wrap. This was no biggie, back to the Doc and zip, zap all better! Hope that once this all "stabilizes" you won't have ANY problems! (Just don't start naming those floaters!!)

craftieodmae said...

you are so welcome for the award and you are so deserving! Glad to hear you are on your way to mending, glasses aren't so bad, and I have those floaters dropping by once in awhile, have for years, oh the things we put up with when we start getting older......

Stef H said...

i'm sure the world will be bright again soon. keeping you in my prayers. i was diagnosed with macular degeneration and when they sent me to the IL Retina Clinic i was told - nope. don't have it. go figure. i have ONE black floater. only one that i've had for years. never gets bigger but it's always there. i wear cheaters. they're always on my face, but then i ALWAYS liked wearing glasses. look on the bright side (no pun intended), you craft is gorgeous now, it'll be OFF THE CHARTS soon!!!

and congrats on the award. you're a good BFF!

hugs :)

Selma said...

Let's hope that 3 or 4 weeks goes by quickly. Will pray the second surgery goes perfect and you feel better. I still have to wear glasses too - can't read a thing now up close but have perfect far vision. I bought a cheap pair of reading glasses to get me through until my glasses were ready. Maybe that will help you.

Congratulations on the BFB Award. You desire it.

Wendy Ramlakhan said...

Oh Carol, I'm so sorry that you're having problems with your eyesight. I hope the procedure gives you relief from the headaches and blurry vision. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers!!


Margaret said...

Am thinking of you Carol and praying that you will get your vision back after the surgery. I had my cataracts done about 2 years ago and had laser treatment this years. Only need glasses for very close work and for driving or out walking as distance is blurry. After nearly 50 years wearing glasses it was a big shock not to have to wear them.
Good Luck