Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blog Candy Update

Hi Everyone,  Just wanted to let you all know that some of you have not signed up for my 10,000 hit blog candy.  In fact, there are only 12 that have left comments so far.  The drawing is April 16 and the last time to leave a comment on that blog is April 15 at midnight.  No restrictions apply for this candy and will be a surprise package I don't think you'll want to miss out on.

Here is the link to the 10,000 Hit Surprise Candy

My 2nd Blog-Anniversary candy is strictly for followers and open until April 28 at midnight.  If you are a follower and have not signed up, please do so, only 57 so far.  If you would like to become a follower I'd love to have you but not just for the candy.  So all you 140+ that are followers, I hope you'll join in. 

Here is the link to the Blog-Anniversary Candy

I am adding 2 NEW flower punches (snowflake and Cosmo) from Joan's Garden to the Anniversary Candy.  And, a slightly used Cuttlebug with all new plates for the second drawing.  This second drawing will ship only within the US.

Hope you are having a blessed weekend and that the weather is as beautiful where you are as it is here right now.  Of course, it's only April so I'm sure it will change soon......LOL

I am having cataract surgery in the morning so I probably won't be around to comment or visit for a day or two but I'll be checking in ASAP.  Hubby is staying home with the babies (dogs) and a friend is taking me. OMG I have to be up at 5:30 am and leave at 6:45 am.  That's an unGodly hour of the  morning  I do have some posts scheduled for next week just in case I don't get back as soon as I think I will.  This should be a piece of cake!!!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope to see YOUR name on one of the candy giveaways.
"Hugs" Carol


Anonymous said...

Wishing you the best for your surgery tomorrow hun!! Hope you get to feeling better quickly and BIG HUGS!! :)

Patti P. said...

Thanks for the reminder....will be praying for you tomorrow and looking forward to talking to you soon. Love ya girl!

craftieodmae said...

good luck girl, I'm chatting with you now!

The Other Patti Sue said...

Blessings to you my friend.... I'm sure it will go well!

Theresa's Studio said...

Good luck in the morning. Hope all goes well which I am sure it will! See you in a few days back on blogland.

Rufus said...

You're not kidding that IS an ungodly hour!!! I'll be thinking of you in the a.m, but not quite that early! You'll be back in no time!

craftieodmae said...

It's 5:30 AM, get up get up you sleepy head, get up get out of bed LOL. I know this has got to hurt, you getting up before day light, my friend who has the life, good luck today and know I'm thinking about ya! Now lets go grab another cup of coffee.

Unknown said...

Hope every thing will go good for you today, will be thing about you today
we will be geting up at the same time that the time I get up
good lucky
and hope you will still have a good day

Pat said...

A little late getting round to your blog Carol and I trust by now that you have had your surgery and that all is well. Take care of yourself.

Pat xx