Monday, March 14, 2011

New Crafter in Blogland

Please welcome Nettie to the wonderful world of blogland.  She just completed her first post and her card is adorable.  I hope you will have time to stop by and wish her well.  I remember my first post and was so nervous no one would come visit. Now that I have so many wonderful friends in the cyber craft world I can't imagine why I was so scared....... 

Here is the link to Nettie's blog:

"Hugs" Carol


Unknown said...

Hello Carol
I did go to Nettie blog
and she did a very pretty card
thank for tell us it is away fun to have some very nice comment
have a nice day

Theresa's Studio said...

How sweet of you to support Nettie's blog...paid her a visit and welcomed her to Blogland.