Monday, December 27, 2010

TidBits Update

Happy Monday Everyone!!

Just a quick post to let you know I'm still here and alive. Christmas was fantastic!  Yesterday was our last celebration with lunch, gift exchange, and watching the Chiefs win the AFC West Division Title at our grandsons home in Kansas City.  Needless to say we were all jumping with joy during the game and now it's "how soon can we get tickets for the playoff game"

Today I'm going to be working on updating my blog, catching up with visiting, and then I'm headed to my craft room to play with my new toys from Santa.  That is as soon as they get the new furnace in so I'm not in the way downstairs. I"ll be back tomorrow with a challenge post.  If I didn't get around to visiting you today I apologize, please leave me a comment and I'll hop on over tonight to see what's new.
"Hugs" Carol


craftieodmae said...

so glad you had a wonderful Christmas and got new toys to play with!!!! That's always fun, I didn't get that much stamping stuff but that's okay, I needed a new watch & camera LOL, just to mention a few LOL. Later girl!

Anonymous said...

Hey Carol!! :) So happy to hear you had a fantastic Christmas sweetie!! *No updates in reader still...boohoo!* I'll still stop by though!! *wink! Looking forward to seeing your "new toys" from Santa!! HUGS

Selma said...

Happy to hear you had a fantastic Christmas. How fun your team won and now you get to go to the playoff game. Looking forward to seeing what new toys you received for Christmas.