Saturday, May 21, 2011

WHEW - What a Fantastic Party & Update

Here is the cake I had ordered and think Bev did a fantastic job decorating. Everything is made from scratch.  Matches the colors on the  The glass she can save and the decorated piece is plastic that can be washed and put in the scrapbook I'm going to make for her.  I hope she saved me a piece of the chocolate layer cause when we left it hadn't been cut.

I think she really enjoyed the party and seeing all of her old friends from years past.  We had the best Mexican food I think I've ever eaten, so for those of you that live close to Kansas City give the Rancho Grande a try for some tasty authentic food.  Even taught the bartender how to make a White Russian while waiting on the food to  I'd forgotten just how good they tasted.

I'll be posting the pictures I took on Facebook in just a little bit if you'd like to see more. 

I think I've made it around to visit all of you that have left comments the past few days and those of you that I normally visit daily.  If I've missed you I'm so sorry and if you'll leave me a comment I'll hop right on over later today or this evening to say hi.  Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the moments of life that are so precious.
"Love & Hugs" Carol (Granny)

Please scroll down if you missed seeing the card.


Patti P. said...

So happy that you all had a wonderful time!!! I love mexican food and your theme, card and cake look so lovely. I am sure that she loved everything and the party that you threw for her. Thanks for sharing and I think you are family,too. Hugs and wishes for a wonderful rest of your weekend.

Chrissy said...

Fantastic card, fabulous colours, and the cake...beautiful work. I have never tried Mexican food, but just reading I'm getting all mouth watery.


Unknown said...

G'day Carol, So so pleased to read that your glasses have arrived and that your vision is clearing up with them. Nikki is on lucky duck indeed. The card and matching box is an amazing creative burst of talent at it's best. Everything about the set is totally gorgeous. I'm liking the chilli peppers in the corners and the glitzy number '50' as your embellishments. I hope that they did save you a piece of that scrummy birthday cake. It will be nice for her to be able to keep some of the decorations as a memory keepsake.
Hope the the rest of your weekend is filled with sunshine and crafting.
Love and Friendship Always.

Patti J said...

Looks wonderful to me! How much fun you must have had! And what a great idea that she can keep that glass! Have a great Sunday!

craftieodmae said...

sounds like the party was a Big hit!! The cake looks great and I'm sure it tasted great too! Your card is fantastic and I am so happy you got your glasses!!!! Yeah for no more head aches and bad eye sight!!!!

Renkata said...

Hi Carol
the cake look very yummy and fantastic design.
Sound like great party.
I never had a mexican food, but will be happy to try one day, lol.

Wishcraft said...

That cake looks fab - it's a good match for the card you made too ;o) Hope you had a good time! Lisa x

Anonymous said...

What a fun looking cake!! ;) I LOVE mexican food...yummy!! So fun!! Thanks for sharing hun!!

Stef H said...

oh that looks yummy!!! i can taste it now!

hugs, stef (Glitterbabe)

Marion said...

Hi Carol,
Cake is fabulous and design matches the card so well. Glad the new glasses are helping.

Unknown said...

Would like to have a piece of your card ha ha
and glad that you had some good time, and what a beautiful girl that you have
I did look at the picture on face book they are very pretty
Have a good day

Eulanda said...

Ok so you don't have to reply to my email since I checked out the post. So glad it was a good time! That cake is so friggin cool!! LUV IT!! What a great idea for a party. My 40th is coming up....maybe Simone will want a fiesta too!! hee hee