Saturday, June 14, 2014

Taking A Short Break

Thought I'd pop in and let you all know that I'm not going to be blogging for awhile.  Not sure just how long I'm going to be away.  My right arm is swelling quite a bit as is my wrist and fingers which is very painful to use at that point.  Seems every time I try to color or make something I have to stop after about 10 minutes and get so darn frustrated.   See the doctor next week so will wait and see what he says.

The 23rd my little Sparkey is having cataract surgery as he is going blind from the diabetes and can only see shadows now.  That will be taking up a lot of my time for 2 weeks.  At least he will be able to see again, play, and chase things after a few weeks. He's only 8 and should have quite a few good years left.  If nothing else he will get over being depressed and running into things.  The Vet Ophthalmologist is in Kansas City so that means several trips back and forth for pressure checks, follow-ups, etc. and I know I'm going to be exhausted.

Sharing my babies:
Sparkey (Age 8)
 Fritz (Rescue) Age 2 - Sparkey
 Playing tug of war

 Sleeping together in Molly's big bed (Molly (Lab) now deceased)
 Will pop in for updates as time allows.  Hope you are enjoying your summer or winter wherever you are.
Love & Hugs,


Chrissy said...

Oh! my love to you Carol..I hope it is only rest to fix the problem...I cant knit anymore through swelling and what hope that is all it is..all the best to your wee dog..aren't they just lovely..I love watching Harry and his brother playing tug of war..the only problem is it gets out of hand as they are 100lb dogs and get tetchy..
Take care hun!

Luv CHRISSYxx said...

Oh hunny hope you get youself sorted hun, look after yourself. Really hope you get your little dog sorted too hun bless his heart take care hun see you soon hugs cheryl xx

craftieodmae said...

Take time off and heal, take care of your self, I love the doggie pictures, 2 gorgeous dogs!!!

Pat said...

Do hope you soon get your arm and hand sorted out soon, nothing worse than not being able to use your hand, I have had carpul tunnel ops on both hands. I do hope all goes well with Sparkey for his op, he is so cute, love the photo's of him and Fritz. Look forward to you being able to craft and blog in the not too distant future. Love and hugs to you all.

Pat xx

Amelia Breytenbach said...

Hi Carol, so sad to hear you are not well. Please rest the arm and take care. Your doggies are so sweet and adorable - praying that everything went well with Sparkey's eye surgery.