Saturday, June 22, 2013

Internet Connection Acting Up

Hi all you lovely people out there in blog land.  My internet has been down so much lately that we have a technician coming on Monday.  No clue what is going on, got a new modem just this morning but my ISP tech says it will come and go until they find out what's going on with the system.  Of course, technicians don't work on the weekends here........  Just a heads up.  I'm going to try and let my teamies know what's going on in case I can't get on line again until Monday.  Hope it stays up!!!!  Cross your fingers and toes for me....LOL


sue w. said...

Hi hun, did pop over and wonder what had happened to you. Hope you manage to get it sorted.
Hugs Sue W.

craftieodmae said...

fingers crossed!!!

Pat said...

Hope you get it sorted out soon. Enjoy your week.

Pat xx

Carole said...

Hi Carol, thinking of you and the family. Hope your internet is up and running soon. Big hugs, Carole