Wednesday, June 15, 2011

MIA & Electrical Fires

Just popping in to let everyone know that we have had some major issues going on with our house and to apologize for being around to visit or posting lately.

To make a long story short, almost 2 weeks ago we noticed some spots on the steel siding we had put on our house in 1988. When I asked my neighbor if he had ever seen anything like those round spots on steel siding he pushed on one of them and ended up getting a big blister on his finger. When he pushed on another one that had 3 vertical circles the other 2 turned red.  Needless to say I was on the phone with an electrician to see what was going on.  Now mind you, this was on a Sunday.  Electrician would not remove siding but he did shut off the power to the front porch area.  Monday, I found a young man to remove the siding, called the electrician back and my insurance agent.  Since there was no damage to the house itself, no insurance claim.  I've been working with the contractor on how to salvage the siding we took off because it's way too expensive now to use steel to reside your home.

Last night we had an electrical "FIRE" in the basement where there were actual flames shooting out of the dryer duct  to the outside of the house, melted the hose to the dryer and the outside screen. Nope the fire did not come from the dryer vent. Here comes the fire department with three huge trucks and then the fire chief.  They said they had never seen anything like this before and would stay until an electrician got here because that area was still arcing with sparks coming out of the siding.  Guess who didn't sleep all night AGAIN.

Today he sent one of his men out to see what was going on.  Our house, for some unknown reason, was not grounded so they took care of that first.  Hooked all of the wiring back up and then checked a fairly new electrical box we had installed in the work shop for hubby.  When he flipped a breaker that had shut itself off smoke started coming out of it, hence, another fire.  He replaced what he was sure was causing the problem and called the Light & Power Company because there is something wrong with the meter.  Yep, you got it, L&P still haven't shown up.  He assured me that I could sleep tonight because before any fire started it would trip all the circuit breakers.....  Ask me if I'm reassured........NOT.....LOL  On top of all that going on we had company all last week.

Never a dull moment in this house!  Once I get everything straighted out and my house cleaned up and put back together again I'll be back, but until then I probably won't be on much through the rest of this month.  Just wanted you all to know that I was thinking of you and miss you.  Don't want to lose you or for you to think I don't care about you or have been ignoring all of your beautiful creations. 

I'll try to get around to visit a little as time permits.  Stay safe, happy and enjoy the beginning of summer.
"Love & Hugs" Carol


Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Scary! But glad everyone is okay!Hope everything gets fixed soon so you can get a good nights rest!

Unknown said...

o my Carol
That is very scary i know I would not sleep at all ,I hope that you get every thing fix soon ,
And yes we do miss you but that ok
I know went you are ready to make more cards they will be very pretty
So take care of your self and hubby
And do try to get some sleep
and may GOD bless your home

Patti J said...

You can't get rid of us that easy! We'll be here when you get back. OMG, how frightening. Glad you are okay! Keep us posted when you can!

Thea said...

I knew things were quiet here, but for good reason! What a headache... Hoping all gets resolved quickly.

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

I am so sorry for all you have been growing through. I am glad you are o.k. and I pray that all will improve with the house soon.

Angelica Turner said...

So sorry to hear about your home problems, I hope you get everything taking care of soon. Take care.

Selma said...

What a scary experience. I've never heard of anything like that and am thankful it didn't burn your house down. Hope everything is fixed soon and you can relax and get a good nights sleep.

Rufus said...

Good grief! I've never heard of anything like that. Very glad that you are OK! Deal with your house and making sure it's safe, we'll be here when you get back. Hope you can get a good nights sleep soon!

cheryl said...

oh hun how scarey for you no wonder you could not sleep i would be the same,glad you are okay though hun please take care hugs cheryl xxxxxx

Tamara Morton said...

Hi Carole, how very scary! Hope that you get it sorted out soon.

Rach said...

hope that you get it all sorted soon Carol and that you can get a good nights sleep.. hugs rachxx

craftieodmae said...

I've heard of HOT houses LOL, girl you are so lucky glad everything is working out, it's scary!!!! Remember us about 6 weeks ago........we'll be here when ya can so don't worry bout it, life happens. We love ya!

Marion said...

Good Grief Carol. That is so scary. I do so hope the company have been out now to sort this out for you.
Thinking of you.

Patti P. said...

You can't think that you could get rid of that easy, could you? We will always be here for you and praying for you. I have said several prayers already and will continue. Just take care of your business and come visit when you can. Hugs to you and Conley.

Plumrose Lane said...

Oh dear... no wonder you haven't been using your computer ~ who would want to be on anything electrical with all that chaos going on!?! I can't imagine how scarred and well... freaked out you must be feeling.

Sure hope the figure it all out soon and you're safe and sound once again ~ don't the "Powers That Be" know you're supposed to be creating and making us smile? sheesh!


Unknown said...

In my prayers Carol that you still will have both arms and a legs left by the time the electrians get through with what they have to do. You just let them know that you need your arms to create with, they are going to have to take out the payments some other way. Seriously thou my dear friend take care, let us know how your doing when you get a chance and most of all know that we are thinking of you. *Big Hugs and Friendship* V

Pat said...

What a terrible experience for you Carol, I do hope you soon get it sorted and are back to normal. Will be thinking of you and looking forward to you being able to craft and post again.

Pat xx

Renkata said...

Hi dear Carol.
Hope soon everything will be fine at your home.

Theresa's Studio said...

I hope things have been resolved and your life will soon be back to normal. We do miss you but will be here when you return. Stay safe! Hugs!


How awful for you Carol - I hope the electrical problems have been sorted out now. As for your car - that must have been one heck of a storm, and I hope the insurance people will pay out.
Sending you lots of {{{hugs}}} and love my friend - Sylvia xxxx

Wendy Ramlakhan said...

OMGosh scary!! Hope everything gets fixed soon