Thursday, May 6, 2010

Poppin In To Say "HELLO"

Hi Everyone..  Happy Friday

Just popped in for a few to say "Hi" and let you know
I'm in a disaster zone.......

My house has been full of workmen, kids, friends.......etc. so I haven't been able to get any cards made for the past few days.  My heart definitely goes out to Sylvia because we are both in the same mess with our kitchens and our house.  This will be a quiet weekend, as far as I know now, so I hope to get several cards ready for daily posts this next week, if not sooner.

Haven't had a chance to get around to visit any of you this week but that's a must do for the weekend. I miss seeing all of your beautiful creations and inspiration so expect to see me soon.

Missing and thinking of you all!  "Hugs" Granny


Jessie said...

I hope everything gets sorted out for you soon :)

craftieodmae said...

don't worry about us, you just keep the workman in line LOL, we'll be here next week looking for your gorgeous creations!

Stef H said...

it'll all be worth it in the end. hope you're taking pictures!!!

Rufus said...

Hope that they get it done soon. I'm sure in the end it will be well worth all the bother and mess!

Nilla said...

All the best and good luck!! Hugs Nilla